About Galaxy
Australian Labradoodle

At Galaxy Australian Labradoodle, we only breed our Dam with fellow five-generation studs. This ensures we get the size, temperament, and coat we prefer.

Our goal is to offer Australian Labradoodles that are amazing companions for people with allergies, who love to travel, or who have children and other pets in the home.

About Randi and Rick​

We’re the humans behind the dogs at Galaxy Australian Labradoodles. We’ve been dog lovers throughout our lives and wanted the perfect pet to accompany us in our trailer on adventures. To comfortably travel with our pets, we realized we needed something smaller that could enjoy trailer life and, as a bonus, something that didn’t shed so we could enjoy trailer life!
Along came Nyx, a happy dog with a face we couldn’t resist. Being medium-sized, she fits perfectly in our trailer and loves to explore with us on our travels. True to her Labrador heritage, she loves water and playing fetch, making her a great companion at home and on the road.

Randi and Nyx

What Makes Our Dogs Special

Galaxy Australian Labradoodles is a family-run business, and all our dogs are raised in our home with exposure to children and other dogs. From a young age, the pups are socialized, and we include basic command and crate training during their eight weeks with us. We also expose the puppies to grooming before they’re weaned so they’ll be familiar with the process before going home with you.

In addition to caring for our dogs in a loving home environment, we test them thoroughly for common health issues, such as hips and eyes. Our health vetting goes back through all five generations of our dogs to ensure you are adding a healthy, happy pet to your life.

About Nyx

Our dam, Nyx, is a fairly cuddly dog who is eager to please. She seeks permission before she dives into play or work, and she enthusiastically takes to her training.

Thanks to Nyx's wavy, fleecy coat, her genetics can reduce the possibility of kinky curls in her pups. We breed with the goal to produce the fleecy coat on our Australian Labradoodles that we have all learned to love and expect from the breed.